Jeans Jeanious

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have any of you heard of N*Jeanious?

It is "a non-permanent hem adhesive made especially for Jeans. It differs from other fashion tapes on the market because N*Jeanious has a super strong hold and is pre-cut into the perfect length strips. Your jeans will stay put for days until you decide that it's time to strap on those heels again!"

What a genius idea!!! I have so many jeans that are the perfect length for heels but don't work so great with flats. So this tape seems like it would be perfect! They aren't that expensive either. They cost $11.99 for a pack of 20. I wonder how well they work, but I'm tempted to try it out!

Click here for a link to the video demo.

***Speaking of "j" words that start with "jean", I decided to put my real name in my profile. My blogger name was lily g., but my real name is jeannie, so now you all know my real name...HELLO! =)

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