With Fall Comes Premieres

Monday, September 21, 2009

Say goodbye to the trashy summer TV shows. Now that it's fall, there are so many premieres and shows to watch. I guess that's one good thing about summer being over....good TV!

Here is what is on my
DVR queue right now (DVR is one of the best inventions EVER!!!! Fast forwarding through commercials and watching shows when you want to is heaven!):

-Gossip Girl
yes, I know I watch a show that 13 year olds watch and I'm not ashamed to admit it! ok, maybe just a little...

-How I Met Your Mother

-Project Runway

-America's Next Top Model

-Top Chef

-The Office

Yes, I watch too much TV. I'm guilty. My DVR memory is getting fuller and fuller every day. I really need to catch up on my shows this weekend. Either that or cut down on my shows, gasp!

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