Uncommon Goods

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love this website because they carry such unique and fun items. Here are some examples of items they carry....

His and Hers key holders:

Porcelain shopping bag vase:

Paper bag vase:

Book birdhouses:

Steel and stone man wine holders:

Optical computer mouse - Doggy and Kitty:

Cassette tape dispenser:

Tea cup hook:

Save key bank:

James the bookend:

Faucet necklace:

Yoga candle holders:

***I also did Day 2 of the 30DS. I felt more sore on day 2 than I did on day 1. I think it was because my muscles were so sore from day 1 that it was making them more sore doing all the moves on the second day. I was also sweating like crazy and huffing and puffing (sexy, I know), but this is a good thing because I know that it's working! I hope the soreness goes away the more days I do it. More updates to come!

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