Calling All Recessionistas!

Friday, May 22, 2009

So with the recession and hard economic times going on, it's tough to spend a lot of money on clothes, so my top 6 favorite stores to find cute clothes for great prices are:

1) Forever 21 (clothing material is not the greatest but they have cute, trendy clothes for great prices as well as a decent accessories selection)

2) ZARA (designer inspired clothes for decent prices)

3) Nordstrom Rack (top designer clothes for a lot cheaper, usually sent straight from Nordstrom)

4) Loehmann's (similar to Nordstrom Rack)

5) H&M (similar to Forever 21, but material is slightly better)

6) Francesca's Collections (similar to H&M, but clothes are more "girly")

You can definitely find some cute pieces at any of these stores, so have fun shopping without breaking the bank!

On the other hand, if you're rolling in dough or feel the need to splurge a little bit, my top 6 splurge worthy places are:
1) Anthropologie

2) Nordstrom

3) J. Crew

4) Urban Outfitters

5) Bloomingdale's


There should be some good sales this weekend for Memorial Day, so happy shopping ladies!!! =)

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