Hairy Situation

Thursday, May 14, 2009

There are two hair trends right now that I love:

Hair Trend #1: The loose side bun. I just love love love this low bun on the side look. I love how it's a modern twist on the classic updo. It's great because it's low maintenance while at the same time makes you look chic and sophisticated. Unfortunately, I tried to recreate this look with no avail. I wish I had a hair stylist who could do it for me!!!

Here is how it looks:

Here is how you can achieve this look:
Step 1:
Brush hair back firmly, hold at back of neck, and with the other hand tightly twist it around itself to create a tension letting the chignon almost shape itself.

Step 2:
Hold the chignon at the center with the index finger of the left hand and wind the rest of the hair around.

Step 3:
Carefully push the ends under the chignon and fasten with pins (use ones similar to your hair color, or decorative ones to match what you wear. For a tighter fit push the hair pins at an angle into the chignon, then flatten them against your scalp sliding them in place under the chignon.

Hair Trend #2: The side braid. I love how girly and sophisticated it looks. It looks good with a loose bun or with your hair naturally down. This look is also low maintenance. Here's how you can achieve the look:

Option 1: For the braid with a bun, follow the steps above but just take a section of your hair and braid it first while securing it with bobby pins before you do the other steps.

Option 2:
For the natural braid, just simply take a section of your hair and braid it. Then just hold your braid with a few bobby pins. You can just braid one side of your hair or both sides.

Now that you have all the info on hot, happening hair, just slip on that party dress and be a head turner with your fabulous hair!

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