It All Started With a Boyfriend Blazer

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So I was browsing online for a cute boyfriend blazer, and I came across this super cute one from Fred Flare. I think Kristin also featured this blazer on her blog but in the color gray.

It's the Necessary Objects Boyfriend Blazer (black):
(I love how the lining is pinstripes so when you roll up the cuffs, the pinstripes show. That's what drew me to this blazer.)

But of course since I was buying the boyfriend blazer, I just browsed some more and ended up buying three more items. Ugh,
curse you online shopping!! I also had a discount code, so I got 30% off at checkout, but I really need more self-control with shopping!! Here are the other three items that I bought:

Necessary Objects Sweetheart Bustier Dress (hot pink):
(I love dresses with pockets!)

Scrapbook Chevron Striped Spaghetti Dress:

Mini Weave Townie Purse:

(I've been looking for a cross-body purse because it's cute and leaves your hands free.)

Ok, no more shopping for a while now!

{images via Fred Flare}

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