Wardrobe Essentials

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So the question has been brought up about what are the essentials for a girl's wardrobe. With the recession, many people don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on clothes, so with these 10 essential items, you are good to go! This list is from stylist Feliz Mercado:

1. A fitted blazer. Everybody can use one at one point or another, but smart dressers know that it can be used about a jillion different ways—over a fitted summer dress, khaki capris, jeans, the works. Invest in a nice piece if possible.

2. A pencil or straight skirt. "It's a definite must-have for business or a fun night out with the gal-pals on the prowl, so as long as you ditch the blazer and pair it with a sexy top and nosebleed stilettos," Mercado says.

3. A nice pair of jeans in standard blue or...

4. white. "A dark wash gives the impression of a trouser with the comfort of denim," Mercado advises.

5. A crisp white shirt. "A tailored collared white shirt never goes out of style," Mercado says. "It's always been understood to be part of a woman's classic wardrobe."

6. A wrap sweater. Make it fleece and double the cozy.

7. A serious evening dress. You only need one, but make it good. And please, no black.

8. An eco-friendly tote. Take it to the farmers' market. Take it to the beach. Take it to work.

9. An LBD. So many women fall back on them, but Mercado suggests shaking things up just a bit by embracing a luxurious fabric like cashmere.

10. A leather jacket. Doesn't matter what kind, as long as you'll wear it often and it makes you feel sexy.

That's it. Now get your fashion on ladies!

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